Penn Coachmen Newsletter – October 2021

The attached newsletter from October 2021 highlights the great multi-chapter rally that Penn Coachmen hosted at the POCONO RACEWAY last October.  It was a huge rally with seven FMCA chapters in attendance – a total of 47 RV’s and 93 people.  Plans are underway already for the 2022 Pocono Raceway Rally this coming October 12-16.  Read this newsletter and get excited!!  We are certain that YOU will want to be included this year – so be sure to share this with your Chapter’s officers.

As a side note, as you look at page 15 of this newsletter, you will see based upon their rally schedule that this is an active FMCA chapter.  It is great to see the whole schedule all laid out including plans to attend both G.E.A.R and the FMCA 105th Convention in Lincoln, NE.

And as long as you are on the internet – check out their website for up-to-date information: 

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Carolina Pelicans Fall Rally

This was the last Rally at Billups Farm.  Since Bob Billups passing the farm has been put up for sale.  Linda Johnson was gracious enough to let us have one last rally there.  The weather was great and we had the usual good time.  There were 8 RVs, a lot of our members were traveling out west this fall.

We had bonfires every night


Great Weather every day






We had dinner at a restaurant in Florence called Creekside and it was great.

Linda arranged a service to inter her Dad’s ashes at his wife’s graves site. That was special for those of us who knew him well. All in all it was a good rally


Dogwood Chapter Celebrates 25 years !!!

But, some may ask – What is Dogwood? Dogwood is an FMCA chapter founded in Portsmouth, VA in 1996 and going strong ever since. We currently have over 50 RV families, primarily from Virginia but also from DE, WV, PA, MD, NC, FL, ME and MS. Check out more about them on the Find a Chapter area of

On June 6, 1996 a new FMCA chapter was formed, bylaws written and friendships grew.  Now, 25 years later they celebrated with an anniversary rally.  There are some photos, compliments of David Meyer, attached.  These include a photo of the 25th Anniversary Certificate and congratulatory letter from FMCA president, Jon Walker, a photo of Steve Czarsty, one of Rob handing Ed Herbert the check and a group membership photo from the rally.  Additional photos will be posted on their blog-site <here>

Myrtle Beach RV Show – October 8-10, 2021

The Harvest Moon has faded and winter is on its way.  What that means for RVers is  – It Is Showtime !!!  The first of the season was the Myrtle Beach RV Show earlier this month and our friendly Carolina Pelicans chapter of FMCA was front and center with their booth space strategically located to track folks coming and going….

Booth Space at the RV Show
  • photo courtesy of Jerry Dickinson and Chris Smith