Eastern Frustrated Maestros Sharps & Flats October 2022 Newsletter

I just figured out how to embed a fanfare on this page to celebrate a first – the first on-line (here, at least) digital copy of an Eastern Sharps & Flats newsletter.


Chapter President Bruce Taylor shared this newsletter with me this afternoon after we were introduced to each other during an Eastern Area Zoom meeting.  This colorful newsletter is filled with news and photos – check out the Santa on page 5.  He’s the real deal (I should know)!  Make a note of their newest members so you can personally welcome them at your next rally.

I hop you enjoy this newsletter as much as I did.

Click here to load the newsletter

By the way – The Santa is Nick Hefner.   He is saxophone player extraordinaire and a graduate of Santa School.  He is also the President of the Sea Sharps Chapter of the Maestros.

Twentieth Century Wagontrainers’ November 2022 Newsletter

Thanks to our Eastern Area President, Phyllis Britz, we have just received a copy of the Twentieth Century Wagontrainers’ November 2022 Newsletter – “Wagon Tracks”.  This newsletter is chocked full of the latest news and rally information to be had concerning this active FMCA Chapter, including a complete 2023 Rally Schedule on the first page.  Talk about being organized and up-front !!  Read all about it by simply clicking the link below:

Wagon Tracks

Penn Coachmen’s July 2022 Newsletter

FMCA Penn Coachmen Chapter’s President, Sue Cipa, shared this July 2022 Newsletter with us.  Inside you will find a great recap of the G.E.A.R. rally, the Penn Coachmen rally schedule for the rest of 2022 and for 2023 (Who is THAT ORGANIZED?), a nice note from Phyllis Britz AND so much more.  Click the link below to open and read the latest from the Penn Coachmen.  Thank you Sue!

July 2022 Newsletter PDF