FMCA is made up of 10 regions, with each region being made up of different Chapters.

The Eastern Area currently has over 30 chapters which meet throughout the year. You do not have to belong to a chapter in order to attend an outing. Give the chapter a call and they will let you know when they meet; attend one. Guests are always welcome. This may encourage you to join one or more chapters. It is a good way to meet some of your fellow campers and have good times. You can find a list of chapter outings in the Family RVing magazine each month.

There are many benefits that come with your yearly dues.

These include: Discounts on several of the tire manufacturers for your RV and personal vehicles, FMCAssist, the Roadside Rescue® program, and Tech Connect/Connect-on-the-Go, at an additional cost. There are certain vendors that offer discounts to all FMCA members as well. Information on all these different benefits can be found at

From the Outer Banks across the Great Smoky and Allegheny Mountains to the Mississippi, and from the Amish lands to the Low Country and everything else in between, we are the Great Eastern Area!

Discover our unique flavors of food: sounds of country, bluegrass and beach music; walk through history during colonial times; zip through the skies in amusement parks and balloon rides, splash down the mountain rivers of white water and at the beaches. Whatever excitement you are in quest for; join our many chapters and area rally for fun, fellowship, and become part of our family!

Eastern Area Officers

Phyllis Britz

President of EA

Dennis Ducharme

Senior VP

Andy Deal

Central Regional VP

Chris Holtzman

Southern Regional VP

Clarissa Sherrow

Northern Regional VP

Garnetta Mallory

Western Regional VP

Sue Cipa


Gaye Young

Immediate Past President

Berkley Alexander