I connected with Gary Lyons, president of the Carolina Drifters, today as my wife, Dottie, and I have boom looking for a local chapter that is active in our area - one that will schedule 6 or

I just received this newsletter from the Capitol Chapter president, Steve Tessler.  What caught my eye first was the announcement of their upcoming Anniversary rally.  55 years !!  That’s right, this chapter is about to celebrate their

See Barnard's message in this 6-page newsletter from the Cardinal Virginians Chapter.  Sit back and relax as you read all about their June rally which just concluded and their upcoming rallies.  They have a full schedule and

This newsletter starts off with some sad news of the passing of Cheryl Brown. You can find out the details by following the link in the usual spot below. The balance of the newsletter discusses the results

Eight (8) Rallies plus a Christmas luncheon!  The Cardinal Virginians have it 'goin' on!  President Baynard Barton finishes his newsletter duties with this issue.  He had been covering publications while Judy Matthews had been dealing with back