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Gustatory greetings, foodies! It’s been a long dry spell since I sent out a dinner notice – nothing since our dinner in Lewisburg, WV at the GEAR rally last October – but that’s about to change. It’s

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Thanks to Bruce Taylor for making my job (the webmaster) so easy!  His 2 attachments are the first to arrive for the New Year.  I will post them separately, but will reference each of the other in

The Coastal Tarheels (CTH) Chapter’s 45th Anniversary Celebration occurred June 1-4, 2023. A total of 16 CTH coaches and 2 FMCA Representatives (Phyllis Britz, Eastern Area President and Chris Holtzman, Southern Area V.P. of the Eastern Area)

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But, some may ask - What is Dogwood? Dogwood is an FMCA chapter founded in Portsmouth, VA in 1996 and going strong ever since. We currently have over 50 RV families, primarily from Virginia but also from

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The Harvest Moon has faded and winter is on its way.  What that means for RVers is  - It Is Showtime !!!  The first of the season was the Myrtle Beach RV Show earlier this month and