And the Theme for GEAR 2024 winner is….

Tim Keppler December 8, 2023 0 Comments

We had 259 voters submit one or two votes for their favorite “Theme” for the upcoming GEAR 2024 rally.  I want to thank all of you who voted.  Our goal with this survey was, “hopefully”, to have a clear winner.  With votes scattered across all 11 choices, I knew that it could either be close or one might even garner 50% of the voter’s top two choices.  Ask it turned out, the winner received votes from more than 1/3 of every voter’s top two submitted responses – 35% to be exact.

So, without further ado…  with 90 of those 259 voters supporting, the winner is:


Autumn in the Appalachians


Below are the total voting results:

Autumn in the Appalachians 90
Blue Ridge Jamboree 68
Appalachian Fall Fest 63
Camping in the Carolinas 57
Smokey Mountain Americana 52
Fall in the Foothills 51
Race to Where the Moonshines 42
Mountain Mist Memories 34
Discover “Land of the Blue Mist” 15
Frightful Fall Fun in the Foothills 9
Playing in the Pisgah 7
============================= ====
259 voters submitted votes totalling 488 votes