Coastal Tarheels’ 45th Anniversary & Newsletter

The Coastal Tarheels (CTH) Chapter’s 45th Anniversary Celebration occurred June 1-4, 2023. A total of 16 CTH coaches and 2 FMCA Representatives (Phyllis Britz, Eastern Area President and Chris Holtzman, Southern Area V.P. of the Eastern Area) coaches gathered at Carroll Woods RV Park, Tabor City NC. Additionally, we welcomed some CTH day-trippers; Nick Paul, James Thompson, Bob Rivenbark & Carolyn Guyton, and Barbara Almendarez. We celebrated all weekend with members and guests sharing memories and stories, playing card games, viewing a slide show of past gatherings, wine and cheese tasting, great food, and campfires. The Grand Finale was our Celebration Banquet “Italian Themed”.

Homemade always hits a home run!  Everyone had a great time renewing old friendships and making new friends. Smokey Futrell, president of the Coastal Tarheels Chapter, accepted an anniversary check and certificate from Phyllis Britz, who acknowledged our chapter for the continued support of FMCA. The Coastal Tarheels chapter covers the area of Eastern NC.

Rallies usually take place the first full weekend of every month. We cordially invite you to come to one of our Rallies. You may let us know your E-Mail address and we will add you to the information list. We enjoy meeting new RVers and getting to know each other. An invitation is always open to attend our Rallies.  You can find our CTH Club on Facebook

Check out our most recent (June 2023) newsletter below

June 2023 Newsletter